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EhrenWerks Media:

A full-service interactive agency specializing in web design, development, search engine and internet marketing.

EhrenWerks, LLC is a "Virtual Webmaster" balancing Internet marketing, graphic design, and technological expertise with a complete site management and maintenance company. EhrenWerks, LLC uses Internet technology to enhance your business's marketing position, streamline business functions and provide a cost-effective way to position your company ahead of the competition and in front of your customers.

Please take a look around and discover the importance of teaming with EhrenWerks Media

About EhrenWerks Media

Hello. I’m Kurt Eherenman, founder of EhrenWerks Media. I started the company in 1993 with a simple vision: to help organizations use the right technology to advance their mission. The process was a personal one, and remains so today. I knew that to help my clients succeed, I’d have to understand not just their goals, but also their competition, internal resources and capabilities, market factors, budget and more. Open communications and one-on-one collaboration are at the heart EhrenWerks Media’s success, and I’m proud of that. But I’m even prouder of the successes we’ve achieved for our clients.


In life, balance is the key to contentment. On the Web, balance is the key to business success. Whether your web-based challenges focus mainly on the Internet, an extranet or intranet, a balanced approach means the difference between successful solutions and a misguided, and probably expensive, effort. At EhrenWerks, LLC, we specialize in developing balanced web-based applications and solutions. We believe that emphasis on balance is the secret of our award-winning success.

Here's how we make balance work for us, and for you.


Since 1993, EhrenWerks Media has helped hundreds of customers achieve and exceed their goals using the internet-based solutions. Here's a few case studies describing how we worked with a few of them.


In the time since our inception in 1993, things have certainly evolved and changed. As new ideas and techniques are introduced, there is an industry-wide mad rush to be the first to demonstrate mastery of new technologies by forcing them onto clients’ websites—clients who bear the cost for the new bells and whistles whether they needed them or not. The question remains the same today: “Is this technology really going to support my business mission?”

The following is a brief summary of the services we provide. Please be advised, it is not inclusive and subject to change as we continue to research and find judicious ways to introduce new technology to best benefit our clients.



Industry Specific Messages

The following are messages addressing the concerns of a variety of different industries.


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