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Colorado Wine

by Kurt Eherenman
2010, 04/20/10

Colorado WineThe Colorado Wine Industry Development Board (CWIDB) is the marketing arm for the Colorado Department of Agriculture devoted to promoting and selling Colorado Wines.  The relationship between EhrenWerks and CWIDB was as a result of a previous working relationship between the head of the wine board and the president of EhrenWerks.  Years passed between that chance meeting while both worked in a Denver Restaurant to the point when CWIDB heard we did web sites and called us up to help with their web efforts.  More time has passed as the two entities continue to work together to build the popularity of Colorado Wines.

EhrenWerks was initially asked to move the existing website to EhrenWerks hosting facilities.  Once there, we inherited and started updating and maintaining a legacy website.  One of the first requests from CWIDB was to improve search engine visibility for a search on the key phrase, “Colorado Wine.”  The website was nowhere to be found as a result of a search on this term.  The existing website featured a large picture on the home page, with no html content and inadequate meta tags.  Reducing the image size to make room for inserting html content laced with key words and phrases and adding meta tags produced a first page google search for “Colorado Wine” in less than a week...  a simple fix with big results.  EhrenWerks continues to provide search engine optimization efforts for the website.

The first complete redesign of the website introduced a variety of new features: a searchable directory of Colorado wineries, a “shelf talker” design application and several site areas maintained by a custom content management system (CMS).

Recently developed for the website, the interactive winery directory and map provides a visual display of all wineries in the state of Colorado.  This application is built in Adobe’s Flash, allowing for a variety of features to enhance usability. The map can be zoomed in and out and geographic features can be toggled off and on for viewing.  Much like a Google Map, wineries are marked in the map with the ability to click on a location to provide more detail of the winery.  This information is all stored and driven by the same database that drives the existing Colorado Wine directory listing.  An administrative interface allows for the addition and deletion of wineries in both places. Most importantly, the site visitor can print out the map to go fine the Colorado Winery of their choice.

EhrenWerks is now underway on the third redesign of  During the planning phase, it was decided to craft a site architecture that would provide information to the three groups interested in Colorado Wine: Lovers, Makers and Distributors.  Constituency based web development presents information of interest to a select subset of site visitors.  Some of this information is shared between the constituencies, while other content is group specific.  EhrenWerks proposed a content management system (CMS) as the back bone of the site, which would allow the site administrator to create a single piece of content to be shared in multiple locations or restricted to view in a single location.

The new site design will allow individual wineries access to edit their own information for the interactive wine map, directory and wine event calendar.  The “shelf talker” application is being reprogrammed using newer Flash technology.  And of course, a new design and layout will be introduced to keep the site fresh, interesting and well-branded.

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