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American Antitrust Institute

by Kurt Eherenman
2010, 04/20/10

American Antitrust InstituteThe American Anti Trust Institute (AAI) presented their project to EhrenWerks Media as a referral from one of our existing clients.  Their existing website was based on a proprietary content management system (CMS) built on the ASP/MSSQL platform.  Up until the previous web Development Company went out of business, the site and the subsequent support adequately handled the mission and needs of the AAI.  After the previous web development company closed doors, additional requirements could not be met and subsequently implemented.  The custom programming was difficult to forensically reverse engineer, prompting the AAI to change platforms.

Rather than a customized solution, the American Anti Trust Institute sought an open source CMS and database so that subsequent efforts would be more easily supported by anyone working on the site, and the site could be easily transported between hosting solutions.  EhrenWerks assisted AAI in the research and selection process for the right application, with Drupal as the final selection.  Drupal is arguably the most robust CMS available, supported and updated by contributors worldwide and expandable with a large selection of third party modules.

The AAI website is a large repository of legacy information supporting their mission.  The biggest challenge of the project was migrating the existing site content from the ASP/MSSQL platform to the PHP/MySQL framework of Drupal.  EhrenWerks created a script to remap the content to a new site architecture and navigation layout during the import process.  The old database stored a legacy of content “cut and pasted” from Microsoft Word files which riddled the html of each page with a variety of tags and other elements.  This html had to be “cleaned” so Drupal would not litter each page of content with orphaned and unrecognizable tags. 

The AAI website was redesigned to take advantage of several Drupal features.  The client also requested a variety of customizations to the layout and styles in addition to high interest boxes, chronological listings of articles in each section, automatic archiving and an altered displays of article lists.

EhrenWerks managed the implementation, deployment and initial training of Drupal, and continues to offer training in the use of Drupal to new employees and existing employees needing a refresher.

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